Thursday, April 16, 2009

another yard sale makeover

I found this little shelf at a yard sale a while back...I think I only paid a few bucks for it. I liked it because it was solid wood-and heavy! It had potential and I couldn't bear to pass it up. It sat unpainted in my hallway for over a brain just pooped out, I had no idea what to use it for or where to put it.

In a sudden gust of inspiration the other day, I removed the door, replaced the drawer pull with a vintage glass knob, I painted her up and sanded her corners...made her look worn out :) I think it looks great sitting by my front door loaded up with Isabella's sweet, little, Keds. She loves to to take her shoes off at the door and put them in the shelf after coming home.

Just a little side story about that old window frame hanging on my wall there...The first time I saw this window frame it was hanging on my then boyfriend's wall in his little bachelor pad. I immediately fell in love with it and when he began telling me how he had a passion for antiques and loved to peruse the flea markets, I knew that he was definitely the man for me. Oh, I married him alright! You better believe it! Now, some of our favorite things to do together on the weekend is going to yard sales, thrift shops and antique malls. Some of my favorite things in our house are pieces that he collected all on his own-so adorable!


Anonymous said...

how cute is that -- love the differnce!

*G* said...

I love what you did to it. Great idea! I love that frame too. I think I saw that when we visted you in Virginia??

I really like old vintage looking stuff too...that's why I've kept your Uncle Ronnie around for so long. HAR!! HAR! HAR!

mommaof4wife2r said...

love love love it!

Chris said...

How cute is THAT?! I love that whole space! It's just adorable!

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so cool ya'll go antiquing together!