Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I can't believe I let an entire blogless week pass me by!

Thank you so much to everyone who had so many helpful suggestions for blog layouts! I cannot WAIT to show off my new duds...a very dear and sweet bloggy buddy of mine generously offered to use me as her "guinea pig" and is giving me a full make-over! I have followed SarahsBlueCastle for a while now and I am always amazed at her thriftiness and her creativity...This lady is talented ya'll! I am so excited for you to see her amazing handiwork. Definitely give her blog a visit if you're in need of cool decorating ideas or even just a little inspiration.

Over the weekend I was invited to a birthday party for a little girl in Isabella's nursery class at church...I had one short evening to think of a gift idea...so I zoomed up to the Target and quickly put together this gift basket full of three-year-old bliss. I whip-stitched this little drawstring pouch and filled it with "magic rocks" Isabella just loves to play with these.

This morning I tried my hand at braiding Isabella's hair...this was my first attempt ever at braiding her hair...so cut me some slack haha! I just LOVE the look of little girls with french braids (especially when there is ribbon tied to the ends-to die for!) so now that Isabella's hair is long enough I am going to practice every day until I can make them look sleek and perfect. That might take a while. It doesn't help that braiding her hair is like trying to wrestle a greased pig...I used cookies and Max and Ruby to get her to sit still for these...

Ok well, be sure and pop by later this week to check out my new look...I'm SO excited!!

o,l <--- Isabella's contribution to the blog...whilst I was fethcing myself a diet coke I found her fiddling with my keyboard....future blogger on my hands!!!


The Blonde Duck said...

I like her hair! It looks great!

Kristal said...

oh my gosh, her hair is too cute! Can't wait to see the new look of your blog.

Angela said...

her hair is adorable! I can't wait until Hannah's hair is long enough for braids and ribbons :) The gift basket is too cute too!

Mary K Brennan said...

Target has saved my hide more than once. The basket is adorable and so is your daughters hair. Stopping by from SITS.