Monday, April 28, 2008

100 Things

This looked fun, I saw it on A Glance At My World's blog, So I thought I would be a copy-cat :)

1. I don't like old men in little bitty sports cars.
2. I live on an Island
3. I miss Target
4. There are two geckos on my bedroom wall
5. But I never bother them, b/c they eat spiders
6. I have never had spiders in my house
7. I love the ocean, but I am terrified of jelly fish
8. They hurt very badly
9. I have a beautiful 11 month old daughter, Isabella
10. Se lights up my world
11. My husband is floating around in the ocean somewhere
12. I have moved 4 times in 2 years
13. I'm getting used to it
14. I love decorating my house
15. I love baking of any kind
16. My husband doesn't eat a lot of I bake in vain
17. I was home schooled, all through high school
18. My husband saw me at WalMart and left a note on my car, and that is how we met.
19. I was stupid, and called a strange boy who left a note on my car and then met him at Starbucks the next day, I'm lucky he wasn't an ax murderer
20. It turned out pretty well though, I think I'm going to keep him :)
21. You never know when you're going to meet your soul mate
22. My sister met her husband at Starbucks too
23. We're a Starbucks family
24. I worked at Starbucks for two years
25. I love Hawaii now
26. I don't think I'm ever going to want to leave
27. Skirts are my favorite article of clothing
28. Isabella has a horrid temper
29. She embarrasses me in public
30. I think Time Out is a joke.
31. I was spanked, and my momma loved me, I never talked back to her.
32. I think it may be a southeren thing
33. But it works, you can't spank in public though, or you're considered abusive.
34. I quit college to get married, I'd like to go back
35. All I ever wanted was to be a mommy
36. I played dolls until I was 13
37. I love being a house wife
38. I love cooking for my husband, and I love doing laundry...I'm weird, I know.
39. Getting a pedicure is a treat
40. Because it's frivolous and expensive
41. I love saying the word frivolous
42. My favorite word in the whole world is Smorgasboard but I cannot figure out how to spell it.
43. most military wives are very mean
44. I just found a new church, and I love it so much
45. I'm running out of things to put on here.
46. I LOVE butter
47. I'm addicted to Diet Coke
48. I probably drink 3 a day
49. I have pink Flamingos in my garden, I get made fun of.
50. I love to blog
51. I love to go to thrift stores
52. Sometimes, when I see people throwing away interesting things...I go through their trash, I have found some neat antiques that way, some people just don't know what they're throwing away.
53. I call it dumpster diving
54. a lot of people in my neighborhood think I'm crazy
55. but then they see the inside of my house and then they think I'm cool
56. I try not to judge people
57. but being judgmental is my biggest fault
58. My friend from Japan may be coming to visit!!!!
59. She dumpster dives too
60. her house is awesome
61. I miss my friend :( it's hard to find kindred spirits
62. I'm a very happy person
63. Sometimes I get down, but I can't ever stay that way, I've tried, and it was awful.
64. I adore gardening
65. My mom is eccentric
66. It's hereditary.
67. I'm very much into crafting
68. I plan on opening a little Etsy shop someday soon
69. Isabella is not very cuddly
70. but she gives me the BEST kisses
71. Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world
72. sometimes, I want to give it back
73. Like when she arches her back in the grocery store, and screams.
74. My favorite artist of all times is Monet
75. I have a great family
76. both immediate, and in-law
77. I miss Tyler :(
78. I love shoes
79. I own over 40 pair
80. I will never have enough shoes. Ever
81. Pink is my all time favorite color in the whole wide world!!!!
82. I talk to my mom and my sister every day
83. Isabella's favorite food is french fries
84. Her favorite book is Ten Little Ladybugs
85. I have to hold her down to get her dressed, she likes to crawl away
86. I'm obsessed with anything vintage
87. My favorite antique I have is an old steamer trunk I found at a Yard sale, it's worth a lot of money, I paid 20 bucks for it.
88. I smile a lot
89. I had braces for four years and these little hinges in my jaws
90. I used to resemble a donkey
91. I think pregnant women are beautiful
92. I love being pregnant
93. I don't want another baby until Tyler is out of the Navy
94. I feel self absorbed writing so much about myself
95. this was hard
96. I love donuts...of any kind.
97. I love to read
98. Jane Austin is my favorite
99. I love baubles
100. My favorite era is the 40's


A glance at my world said...

Yeah! I love these lists. It's a fun was to learn more about people. We have a lot in common.

I was not homeschool...but there is a local home school group and I go to college with some of the kids who used to be in the group and they're all really smart, nice, fun people, so I began thinking more and more about homeschooling. Since you were homeschool, do you think it's a good thing??

A glance at my world said...

Opps...that's supposed to say "since you were homeschooled,"

Lovie said...

Oh my goodness! And I love you!
P.S. I have made some herbal salve and will be sending you some soon!

Kaelee said...

So fun learn a little more about you.....

*G* said...

Oh! That was fun reading! ((HUGS))
Aunt *G*