Tuesday, April 8, 2008

These are a few of her favorite things

In the first picture is a bunch of Isabella's favorite foods...with her first birthday just around the corner, weaning her off the bottle has been a worry of mine...but as it turns out, she's done really well! her very favorite is Earth's Best Apple Blueberry chased with Organic cheerios and a side of slobber.

As far as toys go, her latest toy of choice is a wooden puzzle that her Great Aunt Kristina gave her on our last visit to MamaJo's house...she has played with this puzzle so much that the paint is starting to wear off in places :) Her other favorite is the musical toy that her daddy bought for her before he left on deployment...she loves this toy b/c it lights up and plays music, she likes to stand at the coffee table and do the "baby dance" you know the one, where they stand there and bounce on their chubby legs? I love it! Along with these are a few objects around the house that aren't even toys at all but they seem to fascinate her and she's always got one of them in her hand or her mouth.

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