Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a bit of nonsense

Today has been one of those blissfully boring and uneventful days...what better way to spend one of my last here at home in Tennessee? Isabella's and my visit has been full of love, laughter, delicious food and good sleep. Just the tonic my weary soul needed after those long weeks of going at it alone, now I feel rejuvenated and ready to go at again for a couple of more months! But oh, how I dread that plane flight, we leave Tennessee Thursday afternoon, and get to Hawaii on Thursday morning, or is it afternoon?

Lately I find myself filled with mixed emotions, I'm happy to be going home to my little bungalow in Hawaii, but I'm sad to leave my family. When Isabella and I first got here, she was terrified of my mom and dad, and now? well now she bounces with delight whenever my dad walks into the room, and for Lovie she reaches out those little arms and will always flash her brightest smile :) Being home for this extended amount of time has also given me the opportunity to spend some quality time with Tyler's grandparents and aunt. Going for visits to MamaJo's house has given me great joy! it makes me very happy that Isabella has been able to get to know them. I myself have gotten to know MamaJo really well over the past two months, and even though I knew it before, I know now more than ever that she is a remarkable woman and someone that I greatly admire.

I watched a movie tonight that I absolutely adored, in fact, I think I'll buy it. It's called Feast of Love and it has Morgan Freeman in it, I just love that man! It says romantic comedy on the box, but I would label it as more of a drama. If you like romance with a little bit of tragedy, then this is a must see for you. But I gotta warn you, it's rated R and there are a few part where you may want to cover your eyes. I REALLY dread that plane flight...

Watching my mom and sister scurry around to garden up their porches and yards has given me a tickle in my thumb...I'm dying to go home and play in the dirt now...I have so many plans for my front porch, they include a bench, a large piece of something for a vine to climb, a big pot of pink petunias, and a Hibiscus tree...perhaps maybe a birdhouse... and I think I'll try to grow my own tomatoes in the back yard. Do Tomatoes do very well in Hawaii...does anyone know?

have I mentioned, that I dread that plan flight?

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Anonymous said...

It has been wonderful to have you home. We will miss your visits but hope that you had a good flight. We love you and pray for you always.
Love, MamJo