Monday, April 21, 2008

An apartment complex

This evening Isabella and I went to the little swing set on our block, its something we do most every evening, she loves to swing and feel the wind in her hair and I enjoy just watching her clap her hands with glee every time I give her a good push.
On our walk home I kept hearing tweeting in my driveway, I'm talking lots and lots of tweeting. When I looked up I saw not one, not two, but three birds nests all in this little tree! and one had baby birds with their little beaks wide open, waiting for their momma bird to bring them home something good...I quickly got Isabella out of her stroller so that I could point out the birds nest and the little baby birds and tell her about baby birds and their mommies and how they are just like she and I in that the mommy bird takes care of her babies until the babies leave the nest. I'm not sure how much of it Isabella understood, but she kept looking up at the tree and pointing her little finger and smiling.

We went to church this morning, and well, Isabella was not in the church mood it seems. She started getting a little too chatty with the man behind us and was not too pleased when I made her face the front and sit in the pew, so I had to take her to the cry room where she promptly through a horrendous fit and ran off a mommy and her newborn, and a dad with his little boy. You know it's bad when you run off the dads.

I'm getting resolved to this being alone...I'm setting myself into a little routine and I'm checking off the days on my Calender, I had a nice long chat on the phone tonight with my dear friend from Japan and I've got a lunch date tomorrow with another dear friend I've known since the boot camp days, her husband is also gone for a few months and she is expecting their second baby in weeks! I have plenty to keep me busy. I just keep telling Isabella, only two more pay days, and daddy will be home!

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