Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bliss in a bite

I am proud to say that I have trained Isabella well. Nothing short of the best will satisfy her chocolate craving. I found out a little by accident on Valentines day that she has quite the taste for Godiva chocolate...I turned my head for a second and she nabbed a chocolate out of the box Tyler sent me. She was being quiet, too quiet, and when I saw something bulging in her mouth and brown slobber dripping to the floor I panicked and stuck my finger in there to pry it out ( major no-no I know but it's a mother's instinct to do the finger thing ) The wails of protest I received were deafening, to say the least. So I gave it back to her...hey, 7 month olds need their fix too, right?

Today the whole family met at the mall so that my sister and I could redeem our Gymbucks, afterwards we all enjoyed a truffle or two from the Godiva Chocolatier, including Isabella! I Just love going to the Godiva store... all of that decadent temptation piled up so beautifully before your eyes, just waiting to be chosen by you! I watched as the cashier plucked each one of my choices out of the case and dropped them into that little signature gold bag...for myself, a couple of dark chocolate truffles with a hint of raspberry, and for Isabella, I chose a white chocolate truffle filled with a Vanilla bean ganache.

I think the look on Isabella's face pretty much sums it up, money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can sure buy you a few minutes of blissful satisfaction.


Kaelee said...

Love the picture, she is so adorable....Completely Content, Happy, and satisfied! I too love Godiva....Shoot, I love most dark chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet look of total contentment. :-)