Friday, February 1, 2008


I was poking around at the Navy Exchange today when I came across these awesome gloves...aren't they glovely? sorry couldn't help myself. I snatched up a couple of pairs...perfect for a couple of hip housewives I know.

The other picture is of a few things that just make me happy! the little pink bowl is another thrift shop find...the bracelet was a Christmas gift from my mother that she ordered from Inspireco...have you ever checked that blog out? you should! it's cram packed full of goodies. And lastly, the Hankie...I got it in this years "stocking swap" that's a fairly new tradition that my mom, sisters, cousins, aunts and I do where we all put a little trifle for each person in a box and send it to the stocking host who then sends the full stockings to their designated person. It's a whole lot of fun...but anyway, back to the Hankie...I'm pretty sure this came from my auntie Gaye-Gaye but I'm not sure...I absolutely adore real hankercheifs and I'm dying to know where this one came from or where I can get more like it...I have this eye watering problem...I know, gross you don't want to hear about it, but anywho! I definitely utilize the Hankie and it looks so much more elegant than say...toilet paper?

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mylittlepinklovebug said...

Hey Peach! The hankie came from your Aunt Viki. I'll ask her where she got it first chance I get. If I had known you had such a hankie hankering, I definitely would have been sending you some. They are practically in the mail, even as we that 'blog'. :)

Aunt *G*