Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Daddy

Ok, so I'm starting something new...since I'm so homesick right now and all I can think about is family, every Saturday I am going to post about one member of my family, favorite memories...etc. I'll start with my dad since I have such a wonderful picture of him.

My daddy's name is Jerry Baugh and he has worked for over 30 years as a logistics manager for Bush Brothers (you know, the bean?) and yes he knows the secret recipe but he aint tellin'! He's a quiet, soft spoken man and surprisingly, a tremendous flirt! I can't tell you how many grumpy Wal-Mart cashiers he has schmoozed into a full out toothy grin, but that's just daddy :)

This picture was taken the day Isabella was born, and what can I say? what is it about a girl and her dad? When a daddy has a little girl it's a very special thing. It all starts in the womb, I know this because I know how Tyler acted when he found out our little peanut sized blur was indeed a girl peanut blur. I can only imagine my dad must have acted the very same way with my mom when she was pregnant with my other two sisters and me.

Growing up some favorite memories of my dad and me together are when he made me a bow and arrow out of a tree limb and some wood...and when he caught me in his basement playing with his tools and wood scraps...I thought he was going to be mad, but instead he helped me build a little table for my dolls, when we would go fishing at the lake and not catch a blasted thing because I ran my mouth the whole time...and the best? well that was when we would "sneak off" to Sammy's and he would buy me whatever I wanted and do his little "hee-hee" laugh and tell me not to tell mom, she knew of course but at 5 years old I didn't know that and I felt like quite the Bonnie and Clyde sneaking away to Sammy's and coming home with a grape soda stained mouth. As I got older my definition of heroism changed...and to me he was my knight in blue button up shirt, rushing in to slip me a buck or two, change a flat tire, wedge open a window to retrieve my keys...and whoa baby! bad boyfriends beware!...on went the tight face, the furrowed brow, the clenched jaw and the head would jerk back sending that silver hair a-flyin' ...scary! no, seriously, he was really scary, no wonder a lot of them never came back. I could go on and on...when you have way too many memories to choose from, that's when you know you've got one wonderful daddy.

Next week, Kelli! and then I'll pull some teeth to get pictures of my mom and Brittainy :)


Kelli said...

yep, everyone needs a dad like ours. I remember when B. was a baby he would "sneak off" with me to Dodges and we'd get an ice cream and we'd go back in that little room off to the side play Pac man. I'l always remember that!

mylittlepinklovebug said...

Oh Lordy! Tears here. Wonderful entry! You know who he sounds JUST like, don't you?? Surely you do.
Aunt *G*

Anonymous said...

Awww shucks...that's pretty dog gone good stuff there...makes a daddy real proud of his baby girl