Friday, February 1, 2008

look what I found!

I went on a quest for thrift stores this week and I have to say I'm not impressed with this Islands selection...but I did manage to snag some super cute vintage glasses! I bought them all up and now I just need to find somebody to give them to! what fun! I'm pretty sure I know exactly who's red kitchen these would look good in :)

Ok, so now I have to gloat. My hubby bought me my very own laptop and do you know where I am at this very moment? in my bed! It's's the end of my day, Isabella is asleep, the baby monitor is faithfully snoring away beside me (yes she started snoring, should I be worried?) and I'm snuggled in my bed under one of mom's handmade quilts and I think there is something 8 pillows surrounding me...I LOVE technology. This has quite possibly chased some of my night-time deployment blues away.

My house is in quite a disarray and it's stressing me out...I had the not-so-brilliant idea of distracting myself from deployment depression by painting the bedroom and bathroom...oh boy...tonight while I was busy Isabella woke up and was none too happy about it, in my rush to get to her I wasn't thinking and bent down to put my roller away, when I got back into the bathroom I was startled by my reflection, the top of my head was Washbasin Blue, a very nice color for a Martha Stewart bathroom, but I don't recommend it for red heads.


Kaelee said...

Don't you just love laptops...I take mine all over the house...the girls' playroom seems to be where I spend most of my time, while they are playing away....Can't wait to see pics of your finished bath, the color sounds great...but I agree probably not great for hair of any color! Hope your day is great!

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm painting too! only it's the dining room. the downstairs bath is next. those glasses are really, really cute! you have a knack for finding the neatest things! I found some cute, pink polka dot kitchen towels at target i'm throwing in your box.

A glance at my world said...

Luckily I refused to wear tights as a kid so I never had the tights/dress/slide incident :)

Lovie said...

Love those glasses! You sure find good stuff kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Ok girl! Seriously, how much could I pay you for those glasses in the top (and bottom) picture?! I love them!