Thursday, February 7, 2008

New duds!

Imagine my euphoria this evening when I walked my freshly pedicured feet into a little shop and was greeted by racks upon racks of hair bows! I promptly bought about 1/2 dozen and made sure to perch one on my little red cue-ball as soon as you can tell, she loves to have her picture taken...and new duds make it oh so fun!

My friend Stacy and I had a wonderful baby-free mommy date together at Starbucks, and then the spa...then when we returned to her house we found one frazzled daddy, a very excited two year old, a considerably miffed Isabella and one extremely nervous cat.


Anonymous said...

man im hairbow jealous! -B

*G* said...

She sure is photogenic! I'm sitting here just smiling all over. Aunt *G*

Kaelee said...

Love the Bows. Too Cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new hairbows and i sure do love these pictures. She is so beautiful and I miss her so much. I miss you too I love you both and can't wait to come home.

Love Tyler