Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is my oldest sister Kelli, and in her arms is her beautiful 6 month old daughter, Sophia.
I could probably write you a novel about Kelli, She is what my papa Brittain would have called, a "difficult woman" obviously beautiful, smart as a whip, temper like a ticked-off hornet, a gift for talking to anybody she happens to come upon, and the good Lord love her, but she's a klutz.

Homeschooled through highschool, (as ALL of us girls were, bless my mamma's heart) A college graduate, prior military Airforce and now new mommy, Kelli certainly has a lot of stories and memories for me to choose from. A couple of memories that stand out the most for me are, our long drives around the country side that somehow always ended up at Mcdonalds for a "sodie" our knock-down-drag-out fights over the telephone, and when I flew to Texas with my daddy to see her bootcamp graduation. I still remember hundreds upon hundreds of buns under those little airforce beanie caps...but I found Kelli! and made eye contact, which accidentally made her smirk! oops!

She has some funny stories, let me tell ya, but my all-time favorite has to be the time she honked her big ol' Oldsmobile horn at a policeman who was trying to signal her to use her blinker... after about 5 impatient minutes in this busy intersection, he got right up in her windshield and did some sort of policeman hand motion that she mistakenly took for "Honk your horn real loud and real long in my face" You ever seen a cat when it gets all mad and puffed up? that's what this policeman looked like. He stopped all the other traffic and just let her go.

There are other ones the time she caught her panties on fire, the time she accidentally hit a hoot owl and diminished the poor fella to a poof of dust and feathers...left a nice little beak-sized hole in the front of that same Oldsmobile, never had a chance, poor guy. And the time she wrote President Bill Clinton, and got a letter back, signed. Yep! In the words of our mother, "Kelli...Kelli..."


Kelli said...

Hey, good story kiddo! I miss those drives...maybe we can sneak off again soon?? We'll have to train Isabella and Sophia..;)

Anonymous said...

my favorite is when she took the mcdonalds bushes with her in the drive thru! B. =)

Kelli said...

oh yeah. I had forgotten about that!