Sunday, February 3, 2008


A few months ago when I was home visiting family my five year old niece, Hilary, had to go to a routine visit to the dentist...well horror of horrors she had a few cavities! very traumatic for a five year old! Naturally after that her mother decided to nix all hard and chewy candies...which thanks to a very devoted granddaddy Hilary had an abundance of. You would think that disposing of a five year olds hefty candy stash would be a difficult and dramatic affair...but I'm here to tell you, my Hilary, well she is one of a kind, and maybe it's all that candy, but that girl is SWEET. One afternoon after that fateful dentist appointment, I was presented with a small and very wrinkled brown paper bag. Clutched tightly in the hands of it's giver, the bag was very slowly and very deliberately handed to me...when I opened it up, this small hand painted box lay inside, I pulled the box out and opened it up and inside that little pink box were treasured pieces of one of Hilary's favorite candies, Tootsie Rolls. When I saw that candy I felt my heart get as big as a Buick, she was giving me her treasures, in a box that she worked on just for me! as you can see I keep that little box in a place of honor on my Vanity, and inside of it I keep some of my own treasures as a reminder.


Lovie said...

Hmm...handpainted box, filled with presented as a gift, sounds like she is definityly one of us. Lovey,

Anonymous said...

that makes my heart melt! Aunt B