Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Isabella's first Valentine!

This afternoon Isabella and I made our daily trek to the mailbox and along with the usual bills and junk mail, was an envelope addressed to Isabella! We quickly went home to tear it open and see what was inside (mail is so much fun!) and it was a Valentine from her great grandmother, MamaJo! As you can see, Isabella had a wonderful time waving it around in the air and then giving it a good taste. There was also a five dollar bill tucked away in her little Valentine, so we put it in her Piggy bank for safe keeping. MamaJo is Tyler's grandmother on his father's side and it meant so much to me that she thought of our little Bella on valentines day, but I don't know why I am ever surprised, you can always count on a home made card with a sweet little note inside from MamaJo on any special occasion. That must be why they call them great-grandmothers...because they are so great!

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