Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 things

I love how SouleMama sometimes has lists of things she is loving that particular I decided to make one of my own.

Tyler had to go to the ship at 6 am instead of waking the baby up at 5:45 I opted to just cozy up and make it a stay-at-home day and let Tyler just take the car. So the first thing on my list is...

1. Days where Isabella and I hang out at home together in our jammies :)

2. The way she immediately goes to the Fridge in the morning and starts rearranging her magnets.

3. The clever idea I got from Saucy to fill a jar full of Christmas cute!

4. A chance to work on Isabella's hand-print Rudolphs and Santas.

5. An ice-cold Diet Coke

6. THIS smile.

7. These cozy flannel Ralph Lauren sheets I found for Isabella's bed that only cost $11!!!

8. Watching Isabella learning her shapes and colors with chart that she and I made out of scrap poster board and velcro. ( why does it keep saying I spelled velcro wrong?! )

9. These little, yummy cupcake toppers I got for a couple of special, cupcake-enthusiast mommies I know.
;-) ;-)

10. This little sneak peak of the goody box I am sending to my bestest in Japan.

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A glance at my world said...

Thanks for the comment :) I'm not sure how old that Santa is...I think my parents bought it new when my sis and I were little. So it's probably about 20 years old. We do have a little vintage Snowman I'll try to get a picture of....he's adorable :)