Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's just so much fun!

Bustling about the house was never so wonderful! I've been busy making merry of all my holiday projects...I still have much to do to get my Christmas goody boxes ready for the Grands and Great-Grands. I used yet another totally awesome idea from Ms. Saucy...I'm sorry Saucy...I would'nt copy you so much if you weren't such a magnificent genius! Check out the Marshmallow skewer idea that I nabbed off her sight...totally wonderful! I'm slipping a few of these big daddies into each box...I tied my little baggies up with whatever piece of Christmas cheer I could find, a miniture christmas ornament, jingle bells...teeny tiny wreaths...ooh it just got me all excited! sending cheer boxes is really my "thang"

Another thing I am poking into each box are these masterpieces made by The Bella...I opted to make a garland out of mine...but for all the Grands I made funky little Christmas ornaments out of them.

Those crocheted cupcakes I ordered off of Etsy came in today!!! I am head over heels in love with them, I cannot wait to see how they look coming out of her little pink oven...Oh, and just so you know, these are not my attempts at artsy photos...I was just trying to get good, non/blurry pictures before my camera battery died... close ups seems to work best when the warning light starts blinking. I'm no photographer...but I do try to work it with my point-and-click :)

I love all of this so much. This is by far the most fun I have ever had at Christmas time...there is just something absolutely magical about having a child in the house at Christmas...her excitement is intoxicating, her enthusiasm over every little thing we do together just makes me beam. My friends have all pegged me ridiculously sappy, and tend to roll their eyes a bit...but I cannot help but gush over sloppy hand print santas and messy toddler cookies...I feel sad for anybody who doesn't know the joy of a toddler dumping the entire contents of a bowl of sugar on the counter and immidiately exclamining "Oh wow....YAY!"


Mer said...

Aww Isabella's cuppycakes look so cute and I like her hand prints.
The marshmellow's look so good....:P---
I think I will make some.

*G* said...

LOL!! I love that sugar dumping, "Oh wow..YAY!! I think I've experienced something very similar- at least once - in my child rearing adventures.

Lovie said...

Oh wow...yay! I can just hear her. Love all the pictures