Monday, December 15, 2008

bustling about

That's exactly what I have been doing this past week! which is why my posts have been a wee bit sporadic lately. Not only did I have finals for school but Holiday boxes are getting mailed out soon so I have been busy baking goodies and tucking away trinkets here and there...I've also been plugging away at my Christmas cards which I am already behind on...yikes! and do you like my kitchen counter? yeah, these days it pretty much stays heavily laden with my craft supplies, I have big plans for suncatchers and hand-print Rudolphs made by The Bella herself! I finally got Isabella to sit still long enough for a Christmas picture tonight and I hope to have ALL my cards mailed out tomorrow...whew!
I did manged to get all of my Christmas shopping done and now I'm just getting it all wrapped my funky black and white theme? I saw that wrapping paper while I was in Tennessee and I loved it so much that I bought them and then had to carry them onto the airplane in Tyler's baseball bat bag! (along with a giant ceramic cupcake that I also HAD to have for my kitchen counter) that made for an interesting, oblong, and slightly bulgy looking bundle.

I'm so excited for Christmas Eve!...I'm excited for when Tyler and I are putting together Isabella's pink play kitchen and stuffing her stocking...I can't wait to show ya'll the adorable Crocheted cupcakes I ordered for her from Etsy! man oh man...I love Etsy!

In the midst of all the chaos I have found immense peace in hearing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reigndeer playing in the background and my toddler running to and fro with traces of Christmas cookie on her face and tinsel stuck to her little feet...yes, life is good.


*G* said...

Love your funky paper!! What a great idea. But you are full of great ideas. Love the thought of the little "IMP" with the cookie face and tinsel feet. :)

A glance at my world said...

I love that paper! Your packages are so pretty. BTW I love etsy too! I bought over half of my Christmas presents on there :)

MaryCatherine said...

I bought a lot of Isabella's Christmas presents there! It is soooo addictive!