Wednesday, December 3, 2008

one tree down, one more to go

Run ladies....Run. Wal-Mart has 6.5 ft. white Christmas trees on sale for $40! I snagged the last one at my local Wal-Mart tonight! Uhm...Hubsy does'nt know this you're reading this dear Hubsy...(Insert my best sheepish grin here)

So this is my pink, candy-themed Christmas tree in my kitchen/dining square (that's what we call them in the military housing community...they're too small to deserve the phrase "dining room") I will continue to peruse the dollar stores and other such venues fo cheap, pink clutter to fill my white tree...Oh, but I do love a cluttered tree :)

My main tree still waits patiently in the living room, his naked little boughs will have to wait to be decked until Tyler gets home next week. We bought her at the Military Christmas tree stand on Sunday and boy-oh-boy does she smell good! we had plans to get her all decorated up that evening since Tyler left for a week the following morning...but unfortunately I got ahold of some bad crab and whoo-whee!...guys, there aint nothin like food poisoning from bad crab. I was out of order for a while, but I'm back and kicking and ready to deck my Hawaiian halls with a vengeance!

My house is still in an uproarous state, we're talking tissue paper and rubbermaid boxes galore...I hate that I'm getting things out so late this year...I usually like to have it all done right after Thanksgiving for ultimate Christmas enjoyment...but hey, what can ya do? that bad crab is a killer. More pictures coming soon...better ones point and clicker is starting to wear out...I think it's time for a grown-up camera...hmm...Ho Ho Ho?


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your tree. :) so cute!

Lovie said...

Perty tree.

Anonymous said...

It'S good to see all your excitement about Christmas, bargains and crafts n ot nevessarily in that order.We miss you around here and are glad that you had a good trip back. Hope your GI system has recovered. I/am off to the Creek but had to say "hi" first. Hugs to all, Mamajo

*G* said...

Hey there!! Good to have some new and refreshing blog entrys from someone. Looks like my 2 other favorite bloggers have something new also.

Love your pink and white tree. How very "Peach" it is. ;-p Looking forward to seeing more photos.

Aunt GG