Friday, July 4, 2008

The Bella Bullfight-Ole!

Lately, one of Isabella's favorite games is charging into this fabric while I wave it around for her. It reminds Tyler and me of a bullfight the way she stamps her little feet in anticipation and then runs head first into the billowing satin. She likes the way the material feels on her skin so we take her little shirt off and she'll gather up the satin and just hold it up against herself. What's really funny is when the static electricity makes her red hair stand up on end, she really does look like a little bull!

Other than playing pink-satin-bullfight, we've been super busy cutting molars! poor little baby, cutting teeth is just so hard! She also said her first sentence yesterday! Tyler had just gotten home from work, and she was on the floor playing with her books, when he walked into the room she nonchalantly looked up and said "Hi Da-Da!" then went right back to her reading, leaving Tyler and me dead in our tracks with our mouths agape.

I'm proud to say that she has graduated from walking to running, which has resulted in about 2 dozen bruises, one goose egg on her forehead and a bloody lip. Yes, we've been very busy.


Anonymous said...

Watching isabella grow is just one of the highlights of our day. We love all of you ,,,keep up the blogs. Hugs & kisses, Mamajo

Lovie said...

How how cute and funny! Thanks for new pix! I've got to get busy and get those play silks made!

*G* said...

What fun!! I bet that "Hi, Da-Da!" did blow you away. How special! Thanks for sharing. Love ya'll!! Aunt GG