Tuesday, July 15, 2008

kind of in a funk...

First of all, I hate that I had to use my flash in these pictures...it makes the lighting look so garish...but if I don't use my flash my pictures turn out way too blurry...so try to look beyond the garish lighting.

I know I'm not the only one who wastes my time decorating Altoids tins...I've read way too many blogs to know better than that, but still, I tried not to feel foolish last night when I couldn't sleep but instead was spending hours making paper flowers and painting this little tin. I'm thinking about making another "Pink Corner" in my house somewhere...which is pretty funny considering that like, every corner of my house is pretty much pinkafied.

I'm growing out of my little hidey hole in the laundry room...my craft stuff is overflowing to the kitchen table...this is a problem. Military housing doesn't exactly provide craft rooms...but there's a sizeable storage closet up stairs...perfect for a desk, a sewing table and there's already shelving units, so I figure, cover one wall with my inspirations I'm pretty much set. I should probably do it while Tyler's gone...

So Tyler's gone again for the rest of the month, he gets to come home for a day or two here and there, but it's pretty much Isabella and me until August. *sigh* looks like I need to stock up on the ol Lean Cuisines. You can always tell which wives at the commissary are flying solo, they always have carts full of Lean Cuisines.

Well, my motherly duties call me!


Lovie said...

Cute tin. Love the collage of things you have there. Sneat.

Anonymous said...

hey how did you make your flowers??

*G* said...

I don't consider altering Altoid tins as wasting time. If you're crafting, you're never wasting time. :) Let's just call it "craft therapy", shall we? I've altered a few myself.

Love all your pinkness. And I think the photos are great with the flash. Everything looks very "crisp" or maybe "sharp" is a better photog. word. ??

Give the little IMP a big ol' hug from her 'great' Aunt GG, would you. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Mary you can make anything. Those flowers look awesome, you need to teack me, be my craft guru. :)