Monday, July 7, 2008

When Daddy comes home for lunch

Isabella is finally down for her nap this afternoon...this WOULD be the ideal time for me to get a lot done around the house...but instead I think I will just sit here a moment and give you a glimpse of what our afternoon looked like. Usually, Tyler rides his bike to work, but today he took the car, so Isabella and I were honored with the rare treat of having him home for lunch!

Isabella always gets very excited when her daddy comes home and is usually more well behaved for him than she is me, so goes the woes of motherhood. What is typically a food-throwing, sippie cup-chucking, leg kicking battle for me at lunch, is a nice, pleasant, all-smiles event for Tyler. Hmph!

The little stinker! all smiles in her high-chair!

After lunch it was play time. She loves putting her wooden zoo animals into her pink grocery cart. Thanks Auntie Kelsey!

She talks to one of her little wooden people...

Then she peeks over the baby gate to watch while Tyler and I clean up...

And then Daddy whisks her away to take her afternoon nap! Notice not even a backwards glance in my direction?

Well, I suppose I can't put my house work off any longer. Hope everyone is having a nice, calm, uneventful day. :)

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*G* said...

Enjoy it while you can!! Take advantage of these daddy moments...don't clean...CRAFT!!

"Crafting forever! Housework whenever!"

Aunt GG