Monday, July 21, 2008

Southern girls love ribs

An important thing for a bona fide Southern belle to remember is, manners and grace go out the window when enjoying a nice, meaty, barbecue rib. Lick your fingers, suck all the good stuff off the bone an enjoy yourself a rib girl! just save those wet naps in your purse for later :)

One thing this momma is determined to do is remind her girl where her roots are. Just because we're all the way over here on this Island doesn't mean I can't teach her the fundamentals of being a true Southern girl, it just makes me that much more determined. Cross your ankles, yes ma'am, yes sir, please and thank you, do your hair, wear your rouge, greet everyone with a cheerful "hi there!" and whenever people are rude to you, (and they will be) just smile and say "why, bless your heart!"

So far we have the "Hi" down pat, complete with a beautiful Southern accent. I'm homesick ya'll!


A glance at my world said...

So where in the South is home??

BTW I work at a western entertainment spot so I have to get the southern drawl going in the summers :)

*G* said...

Well, bless yore little ol' pea pickin' heart!! That's the way to raise that baby! She looks like she's in "hog" (pun intended") heaven. :)

Aunt *GG*

Anonymous said...

that girl knows how to eat a rib! AUNT B.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever seen her with such a serious expression. She must get her taste for ribs from her grandaddy:-)