Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy "B" and Gymboree!

I'm so excited that my sister, Brittainy has finally jumped on the bandwagon...and has finally made herself a blog! you can check her out at The B Hive on my list of blogs I ogle.

In other news...Tyler and I took Isabella to her first Gymboree class today! Boys howdy was that an experience. We signed her up for the music class full of a bunch of other tots her age. Unfortunately for me, Tyler bent down to pick Isabella up and split his pants wide open as soon as we got there, displaying his cheerful, star spangled boxers to anyone who was lucky enough to glance in that direction. He had to run home real quick, leaving me to my own devices for a while. Piece of cake! I thought, no big deal...uhm...yeah. Not so much. Turns out, all of the other tots in the class were content to sit in their mom or dad's lap like they were supposed to, but of course mine was writhing in my arms and slithering to the floor, grunting, getting red in the face, kicking her legs and generally making a spectacle of herself. Oh dear. I decided to let her run around a bit, no harm in that, right? she did fine a for a little while, playing the instruments and and going from person to person to talk to them in her baby gibberish. Very cute, everyone was charmed, that is, until it escalated to grabbing other children's pacifiers, throwing maracas across the room, and trying to run off with one guy's sunglasses. At that point it was non-negotiable restraint and she was NOT happy about it. We were all in agreement , the teacher included, that she would do much better in the gym class where she would be free to run around and play with the other children without having to sit in one place for very long. We're going to try that one next week. Tyler will be gone so wish me luck.

I'm including a picture of one the projects I made for a friend. She's having a baby boy in August and I made her this canvas to hang in his little room. Her theme is retro blue and brown polka dots. It received rave reviews and I even got a couple of requests from other people to make one for their child's room too! Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Brittainy said...

hey i like that! It looks really good. B

Lovie said...

Wow, I love the canvas!

Anonymous said...

Tyler could always upstage and show of. Remember the fedora and raincoat? What an actor. - Love the canvas!!!! When are you going in business and take orders? Tell Isabella that her great-grandmother
expects her to behave in public. Love you, MamaJo

*G* said...

hmmm....I'm pretty darn sure I commented on this yesterday. Guess not. Anyways....the canvas is soooo cool. Wonder if you could do the same effect, except with large paisleys. Cara's baby, Alexa, could sure use one in pink and mint green paisley. :) If it wasn't for the lack of time and an active toddler, you could have you an awesome etsy thing going. :)

Aunt GG

A glance at my world said...

I love your playlist! It's full of great songs :)