Sunday, July 6, 2008

Insomnia is expensive

What do I do at night when my husband is away and I simply cannot sleep? I shop for my princess of course! I found myself on the website for Willow Tree Toys tonight...I absolutely LOVE these toys. Not only do I not have to worry about them being made in china, because they are one hundred percent organic, but just look at how much imagination they encourage! as opposed to all those other toys out now that pretty much do everything but make your kid a latte. Growing up, my favorite past times were reading and playing outside. I remember my mom would give me old dishes she didn't use anymore and I would spend countless hours outside playing house with my dolls and making mud stew and mud pie and mud name it, I made it!...out of mud. I can only hope I will pass down my love of mud to my little Belle.

So yes! I couldn't help myself, I love fake food sets! I ordered this wooden food groups set for Isabella and am extremely pleased with my purchase even though I know I got shamelessly taken advantage of when it came to shipping. $17 just because I live on an Island! geezy petes guys! we island children need toys too...

I was absolutely smitten with this little tin full of wooden chocolates...but I had visions of performing Heimlich Maneuvers and quickly clicked to the next page. It's still very charming and when she's old enough to know better I will absolutely be buying this!

I want this kitchen. She MUST have this kitchen. I am seriously contemplating a part-time job so that I can buy her this kitchen and the fridge that goes with it, and the wooden dishes...and the wooden accessories....and ALL the wooden food! ...oh my.

If you have children and you think you have will-power of steel go to this website...I bet you can't leave it without at LEAST buying the wooden lollipops? or perhaps you're more of a cloth pizza type of gal?


*G* said...

Too bad you have to pay such ridiculous shipping. That's some great stuff, btw. Hope that you get your "dream kitchen". :) Aunt GG

Lovie said...

you are so funny! I really like that catalog too. As for that kitchen, I know a certain MOTH that could make that for a fraction of what they are asking for it. I'll just put that bee in his bonnet.

Anonymous said...

If you think that site is bad do not DARE go on amizon. They have a very expensive retro pink kitchen set. They also a pink retro car walker. When I was shopping on there it really just blew my mind all the toys they have out now.