Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th Everybody!

We went to a big celebration on base, Isabella certainly had a wonderful time! she got to pet piggies, bunnies and goats at the petting zoo, then we rode the Merry Go Round, just look at her holding on so tight! she and Tyler rode a huge slide that looked like a shark's mouth, we ate LOTS of cotton candy and then finally, Isabella tried to steal everyone's Cokes while we watched a beautiful fireworks display. Isabella wasn't even scared! She kept looking up at the sky and saying "wow!" She started to get pretty tired towards the end, so she kicked back and relaxed on top of daddy :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July!


A glance at my world said... guys are so cute! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun :)

*G* said...

What fun! Little IMP is sure getting a lot of adventure under her belt for a 1 yr. old. ((HUGS)) Aunt GG

A glance at my world said...

That's awesome that you saw someone with a victory roll!
The way I take my fireworks pics are to turn the flash off and take the takes about 10 seconds for 1 pic. It helped that it was amature fireworks so only one or two would go off during that 10 seconds. Once the burst is over I could move my camera all over the place as long as I kept it pointed at the dark sky. Wow...that was a really long explanation...I hope it helps :)