Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday, Isabella was feeding her doll that Lovie made for her (we named her Evelyn) She would issue a bottle, hand Evelyn to me, then take her back, and feed her some more. It went on like that, back and forth for about five minutes until she finally tired of it and moved on to some other game. I began to inspect her doll and noticed she was showing some hard signs of wear and tear, her neck and sleeve are missing stitches and need to be repaired, not to mention the countless trips to town and hard bedtime lovin' has left her a little dirty and in need of a good washing. I went to retrieve my needle and thread and on my way up the stairs I couldn't help but think about the day that Isabella will be handing me a real baby-her baby.
I can imagine her much like myself, tired, frazzled and clueless, gratefully handing her bundle over to me so she can eat or catch a few winks of sleep only to take her back again with eager hands. I can still remember the feeling of proudly handing my new baby over to my mom for the first time, how can one put that into words? you can't. I remember bringing Isabella home from the hospital, the stress and drama the hormones and the meltdowns, what a day that was! in the weeks that followed my mom stayed with me just to make sure I could handle things on my own. It went much like my game of "dolls" with Isabella the other evening, me feeding the baby, handing her to my mom, then taking her right back again.

I feel like ever since I became a mother, my arms are permanently outstretched, whether it be to accept a precious bundle, a slobbery little kiss, a hug from my husband, or just a doll that has been loved until she busted. But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way :)


*G* said...

awwwww....pass the Kleenex, please.

Love ya! Aunt GG

Lovie said...

That makes me want to go and make another doll. So sweet.

Lovie said...

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