Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A nice day

Today was just one of those all around wonderful days. Tyler was let out of work super early so that he could take me to the other side of the Island to get another ID made (I lost mine, he HAS to be present when my ID is issued) What we thought would be a day of tedious drudgery turned out to be one of the most pleasant and beautiful drives we have been on in a long time! After driving through miles and miles of lush green mountains and going through a few tunnels, the horizon lit up with bright aqua marine blue. Oh my goodness, I was absolutely sick that I did not have my camera with me! but who knew driving to a marine base would be so scenic? The mountains would just shoot up out of the ocean at random and you could tell by their shape that they had been formed thousands of years ago by dripping molten lava, once rocky and gray but now beautiful and lushly green. The contrast of clear blue ocean and bright green was absolutely was the fact that we were driving along on a bridge perched precariously on the side of a Lava Mountain about 800 feet in the air. Oh my...

Anyways...aside from our beautiful drive and a pit stop for fresh, hot McDonalds French fries (YES!!) we went on a nice, long walk tonight and when we got home there was pretty much nothing to do but loll about. So Tyler gamed, and I crafted. Here's my tell me, does anyone have any ideas for what I could use/do for my ugly rough edges along the outside of my collage? The center of the collage is the front of my baby shower card my sister Brittainy designed herself. I always loved this card. The scrap of sheet music is actually from a piece of sheet music I sang highschool. No, I never throw anything away.

You see the beaut. there in the orange polka dots? her daddy shopped and shopped online one night and ordered her that little ensemble from Hartstrings...he even sprung for the matching cover-up! My man sure knows how to shop! As soon as it came in the mail yesterday he dolled her up and they dashed to the pool. The dynamic duo left me at home to enjoy an hour or so to myself. He came home frazzled, wrapped up in a hot pink towel and toting our soggy and squirmy toddler who was repeating the word pool over and over again.


*G* said...

It's not an itty bitty polka dot bikini, but it sure is cute and she's even cuter and looks like she's loving that water.

You crafted!!! Yay!! As for the edges of the collage...wide rick rack? vintage lace or trim? Or just cut you a paper border with wavy edges. Half circles that extend out from the edges a little? Do you have a large circle punch? If you don't, and like this idea, I can punch the circles in colors of your choice and send them to you. :)

Aunt GG

Anonymous said...

Aw Isabella is so cute. :) I want one. Send me one.

I love your collage! You have so much cute craft stuff and wonderful ideas. I need to borrow some supplies and ideas from you sometime. ;)


Lovie said...

The orange bikini and the red hair make for one hot little chili pepper! So cute! She is definitly a water baby you can tell that for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up-date on Isabella
and her mom and dad. What fun! My days would be so dull if I could not be cheered by orange polka dots with matching hair. Just a reminder: an awful folks named Plaas are water rats The collage looks great - old resized and refinished picture frames work well too. Keep up the good work. We love you. MamaJo