Thursday, March 19, 2009




I adore pink, especially in kitchens. I myself have a pink kitchen, but since I am a renter I'm limited to what all I can do, I have painted my walls that beautiful aqua color that goes so well with cotton candy pink, but my cabinets are just going to have to remain the nasty wood veneer that comes sock in every military house...I've been getting tired of my set-up recently, I've arranged and re-arranged everything, but to no avail, so I've been perusing for inspiration, these pink kitchens just taste so good to my eyeballs...I especially love that funky pink fridge in the first photo.

When Tyler is on deployment I like to set little "challenges" for myself, this week I challenged myself to go three entire days without spending any money...not even a dollar for a McDonalds cheeseburger! I'm on the third day and boy, am I ansty in my pantsies...This is harder than it sounds, three days is actually longer than you would think.

I've noticed though, that I have been getting a lot more done, I have been working on my bathroom redo, and I tried a new chocolate pound cake recipe with a vanilla glaze which turned out to be so sinfully delicious that I just accidentally left it at a friend's house, the potty training has been more on the front of things too...she still jut sits on it and sings, but at least she's sitting on it now. And thanks to my mom, I learned a new trick, I learned how to improv and make my own buttermilk...awesome!

Now...if only I could muster up the oomph to tackle those mousy brown roots peeking out on top of my head....Miss Clairole is waiting patiently for me upstairs on my bathroom sink....sigh.


Princess Of Pink said...

LOVE the fridge! Love all the pinkies you've posted and I need to do my kitchen too, lol. HHHMMMM Since I love Pink, time.........
TO be continued :)

dhcp1017 said...

i love that first picture!

beadntat said...

Love the pink fridge! I never had an apartment that I could paint, so no pink walls, but I did decorate my kitchen with pink accessories, had a pink sofa and love seat, and...well, it was all pink and Peter Rabbit, all me! See, we *are* related!!!

MaryCatherine said...

I thought you might! I liked it funky and brave! Kristina...a pink couch?!?!? Oh man! good thing I didn't know you then or I would have been coveting like crazy, I would have liked to have seen your pink apartment...I have pink accessories in my kitchen too :) Hubby tried to score me the pink Kitchenaid mixer...but they were all sold out, I got silver instead and that's fine n dandy with me! :-D

Saucy said...

That very last picture is just to die for. Seriously. I can't even imagine such a cute piece in a kitchen.

Going three days without spending? I could do it if I had the flu and no internet access. Kudos to you, friend.

French Cupboard said...

OH I have those same root problems! :) I too have a pink kitchen. You can see the old pink stove here:

Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings... Polly