Friday, March 13, 2009

I've been a little MIA this week...I made the mistake of counting the months and days until my husband returns...bad idea, by the way. In the meantime, my recently angel-turned-exorcist toddler was slowly taking me to the brink of insanity which in turn caused me to host a big ole pity party for myself and that put me so far down in my cups that I could barely see over the tops. I'm better now though, thanks to a fresh haircut, a brand new box of Clairol's best Natural Light Auburn #110 and a killer new shade of nail polish. That right there, is a real, true-to-life mom's trip to the spa.

So, after hoisting myself out of my den of sorrows, I started a couple of, I'm still learning how to use this fancy new camera of mine, so my pictures are still not the best quality, but I wanted to take some pictures of a few corners of my home to show you

This is Isabella's Easter basket!!! I just found it at Target yesterday the background you can see the goodie box I'm stuffing to send to my sailor :) See the Samoa boxes peeping out the top? It's been hard for me not to eat 'em all up!

My pink toaster! I love that thing...I also love my new, pink, Scentsy's so yummy! It makes my entire house smell cinnamony or vanilly...whichever I choose :) Find your nearest Scensty rep. and I promise you will just fall in love.

Isabella paused for a reverent moment with Blues Clues...This is the Entertainment center that I got for a steal because there was a flaw on the front (I covered it up with some brown paint)...I bet ya can't find the flaw, can ya? The front doors are glass panes but I didn't like them because you could see my electronics on the inside, so I found myself some pretty scrapbook paper...problem solved!

The window behind this love seat is actually a horrible sliding glass door...yeah, a sliding glass door randomly in the middle of my living room...sigh...military housing. Anyways...I disguised the door with a few sets of Martha Stewart window panels...I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Well, as you can see Isabella is busy piling shoes, snacks and what-not on the couch...but if you look behind the couch you can see the window mis-treatments that I made...I took advice from The Nester and made them using thumbtacks, hot glue and heat-n-bond seam tape...I was feeling lazy that day, and quite frankly, my sewing skills bite.

Well, that's all for now...the rest of my house is still too messy to photograph, and my toddler is upstairs calling my name and from the sound of things she's not happy to be left waiting...I'll see ya'll later!


*G* said...

All righty!! Glad to see you back. =) You have to take "everything" one day at a time...diets, terrible twos, sailors at sea, etc. etc.

Love your nest!!


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Mark said...

So glad you are back and are sharing all your great accomplishments. Love them all. Love you and Isabella too. MamaJo

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Great job on those mistreatments! I can't imagine what you're going through with your husband gone, hang in there girl, and know that we're all praying for you and for him!

Mer said...

I love your house! I always have to envious of the painted walls. :) I love your toaster and your window treatments. I like your new dew on your kitchen lamp too. :) Your livingroom shelf redo looks so well put together.
ps how is your bathroom coming along?