Friday, March 6, 2009

lets gussy up the potty palace...sall we?

I call it the potty palace...because now that I'm sort of trying to potty train The Bella, her hot pink potty travels with me to each bathroom. She could take it or leave it, quite frankly. She tinkled in it once and I made a big ole deal over it with cheering and clapping and a few gummy fruit rewards...and now, well she's pretty nonchalant about slamming the lid closed and saying "No thank-you ma'am" Guess I need to tone it down next time.

Ok, so on with it...I'm painting my bathroom, here's the "before/midway through the job"'s so stark white...I'm painting it this lovely Robins Egg Blue...I only use Valspar paint on my walls... the higher the quality of your paint, the less coats you'll have to least that's what My friend Martha Stewart told me. So, my point is, do ya'll have any cute bathroom ideas? any helpful linkydinks? I've been perusing the internet looking at peoples bathrooms, it's kinda fun...

Oh my goodness, where are my manners?!...thanks to ya'll for all of the calender suggestions, I finally found one I like! :)

So, is it weird to hang pictures of eggs in your bathroom? I found these vintage prints that would look so pretty with my paint color...but would that suggest....something? I really like them but I got to thinking...Hmm...that might know, weird, Laying eggs in the bathroom and such.

Ok, I'm off to play some toddler gams before bedtime.


Bee and Rose said...

You have to post "after" pictures! You totally inspired me to paint my kids bathroom this week! Lovin the robins egg blue color!

*G* said...

I see nothing wrong with eggs in the bathroom. And I love the sound of your color. You are going to post "progress" and "all done" photos, right?? 'Cause I'm already thinking, "Gee, this is just like visiting The Pioneer Woman's blog." If you haven't checked her out lately, you need to check out their "lodge" remodeling.

I was wondering about the calendar holder thingy. What does it look like? Photo maybe?